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Technical Requirements for Crane Track Installation

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The trolleys of medium and small cranes adopt P-type railway rails, while the trolleys or trolleys of large cranes adopt QU-type cranes'special rails or square rails.

Before installation, inspect rails, bolts, splints and so on. If there is crack corrosion or non-conformity, it should be replaced immediately. For the rail surface and side allowed to be repaired, the wear defect should not exceed 3mm. After repairing, the rail should be used again.

The pad iron should be in close contact with the rail and the main girder of the crane. Each level of pad iron should not exceed 20 pieces, the length is more than 100 mm, the width is 10-20 mm wider than the bottom of the track, and the spacing between the two groups of pads should not exceed 200 mm. The pad iron and the main girder of the steel crane should be firmly welded, and the actual contact area between the pad iron and the track section should not be less than 20 The nominal contact area is 60% and the local clearance is less than 1 mm.

The rail joint can be made into either a direct head or an oblique joint with a 45 degree angle. The inclined joint can make the wheel transition smoothly at the joint, and the gap of the joint is 1-2 mm. When the temperature in winter construction or installation in cold areas is lower than that in perennial use, and the difference is more than 20 C, the temperature gap should be considered, generally 4-6 mm. The joint of the two rails at the joint should be staggered more than 500 mm.

A stop baffle is installed at the end of the track to prevent the crane from derailing from both ends.

The deviation between the actual center line of track and the geometric center line of track should not be greater than 3mm. The allowable deviation of the gauge of overhead crane is (+5mm) and the longitudinal inclination of track is (+5mm).


The allowable deviation of relative elevation of two orbits is 10 mm.




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