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Reasons for Rocking of Double Beam Driving

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1. If the gear of the gear coupling and the gear of the reducer are loosened, the clearance between the connecting bolt and the hole of the transmission shaft is worn out, and the wear clearance is easy to occur.

2. Wheel bond loosening.

3. A wheel does not turn properly. Because of the improper cushion plate of the fixed wheel bearing seat, the bearing is not flexible to clamp, so the wheel stops first when it stops.

4. The parameters of the two motors are not matched, resulting in asynchrony when driving with two beams separately.

5. There is a big difference between the tightness of the two brakes.

Knowing the factors leading to the shaking of double-girder driving eliminates people's fear in operation. In addition, if measures can be taken one by one according to the above factors, the occurrence of driving shaking can be effectively eliminated.




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