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How to Make Single Girder Crane Play Its Maximum Effectivenes

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With the increasing degree of lifting mechanization, the wide application of equipment not only speeds up the construction progress, but also improves the construction quality. Because crane equipment is affected by various factors in the daily use process, it will lead to the inadequate performance of the equipment. What should we pay attention to in the daily construction process to enable the equipment to play a greater role?

The following are the related points for attention in the small arrangement.

1. Construction units should formulate rules and regulations for the management of equipment, maintain the normal construction order of the units, especially those with frequent mobilization of equipment and personnel, and establish perfect management system information.

2. Crane manufacturers should supervise the relevant staff to implement the maintenance system of equipment and safety operating rules, so as to ensure the safety performance of equipment and personnel. Many units in equipment management, often have the concept of heavy use and light maintenance, which will easily bury potential safety hazards to equipment.

3. The abrasion and aging of lifting equipment will be aggravated by the irregular operation of relevant staff.

Some units also employ drivers who are not qualified, which not only causes the early damage of equipment, but also seriously delays the normal construction period. In order to make the equipment play a greater role in the long term, besides routine maintenance work, we also need to pay attention to the replacement and repair of the damaged parts of equipment, so as to be able to germinate the failure. Eliminate the sprout to avoid the safety threat to the construction personnel.




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